Kelly McGinnis | Julie Dennis Brothers

Kelly McGinnis:

Kelly began his career in film production in high school working on various commercial productions including Macy’s fall commercial campaign featuring Iman among other high profile models. This experience fueled a genuine interest in production and provided him the initial contacts to continue working on other film-related projects throughout his high school years.

Kelly attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and double majored in English and Film Studies. The Film School at CU was unique not only in that it was small, but the program fostered many successful graduates: Creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Michael Hausman (Madonna’s take a bow video) among others. Kelly worked on many successful student films and two of which were submitted and selected to be shown at both the Breckenridge and Aspen film festivals. While attending CU Kelly worked on several NBC Movies of the Week shooting in and around the Denver area.

After graduation, Kelly worked as a production coordinator on various productions in the Denver area. During the winter of 1991 Lucasfilm had sent a large group to shoot a series of commercials for Coca-Cola, the main sponsor of the 1992 Winter Olympics. Kelly was retained for the entire six-week production and then relocate to Los Angeles to continue working with LCP (Lucas Commercial Productions).

Upon relocating to LA and continuing to work with LCP, an opportunity presented itself to work on the promotion and advertising for Batman Returns, coordinating some second unit production and special photography for movie posters and advertisements.

Soon after, Kelly made the acquaintance of an art director who was being asked to launch an all-entertainment cable network, under the title of E! Entertainment Television. Curious about the television, post, and graphic side of the business, he accepted a position at E!  This turned out to be invaluable to his career, as the industry has become so heavily dependent upon post-production technology and graphics-savvy individuals.

While working at E! Kelly produced several promotional shoots and when the head of promotion at E! accepted the position of Creative Director at Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta, she convinced Kelly to come along. With rather large budgets and other established resources Kelly was able to direct, design, produce, and write numerous award-winning spots. Among the most noteworthy, Kelly was the first recipient of the first annual Brandon Tartikoff award, the industry’s highest honor for a single body of work done by a relative new comer.

Kelly returned to Los Angeles were he assumed the Creative Director role at FOX cable group’s flagship network FX. This move proved to be a fruitful challenge launching many successful shows and franchises including The Shield, Nip/Tuck, Rescue Me, original movies and FOX’s spin on NASCAR during his four years there.

Clients include: Paramount, Universal, FOX, FX, ABC, CBS, NBC, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, DirecTV, Disneyland Theme Parks World Wide, Richard and Lauren Schuler Donner, BBD: Ameriquest, Microsoft, Google, YouTube as well as product launches for Wrangler Apparel Corp. and John Deere Corp.


Julie Dennis Brothers:

Julie Dennis Brothers has been photographing some of the most exciting and notable figures in the world of entertainment: Angelina Jolie, Mark Wahlberg, Jerry Seinfeld, Lucy Lui, Harrison Ford, Brandy and Phil Collins, to name a few. Julie is uniquely talented at drawing out the personality of her subjects and captures the essence of their character and spirit.   Interviewed for the fine art Australian magazine, Black & White "she connects with the subjects she shoots, and allows the viewers to share this connection and feel that they know these celebrities all the more".  She is featured in the "Masters" Mamiya website,, showcasing her work. In addition, Julie scored the cover of Harper's Bazaar special Fall fashion issue.

Her partial client list includes such celebrities as:

Angelina Jolie, Harrison Ford, Mark Wahlberg, Dustin Hoffman, Jerry Seinfeld, Lucy Lui, Denzel Washington, John Goodman, Kenneth Branagh, Laurence Fishburne, Phil Collins, Brandy, Woody Harrelson, Jada Pinkett Smith, David Spade, LL Cool J, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosanne Barr, Melissa Ethridge, Billy Zane, Celine Dion, Lisa Kudrow, Enrique Iglesias

As well as the following distinguished companies:

FX Networks, FOX, Paramount, Sony, Universal, Warner Bros, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, ABC, History Channel and UPN.